General FAQs

What is Build-to-Rent?

Build-to-Rent is a property development model that involves the construction of purpose built residential buildings for the purpose of renting the apartments to tenants, rather than selling them to individual buyers. The properties are managed by an on-site management and maintenance team. The purpose of 'Build-to-Rent' is to provide a high-quality, long-term rental housing option for tenants that offers a range of on-site amenities for comfort and convenience.

Are bonds required?

No! There are no bonds required. Novus makes the rental process enjoyable and as easy as possible.

Are deposits required?

Yes, once an application is approved there is a requirement to pay a small deposit to secure the apartment. The amount will be allocated to the first advance rent payment when the resident is ready to move-in.

Are residents required to sign a lease?

Yes, following the approval of an application, a lease is required to be signed prior to the resident moving-in. All tenancy agreements are governed by the relevant state residential tenancy laws.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are welcome! In consideration to the comfort of all residents, there are some conditions around the size and amount of pets that can live at Novus.

Are utility and internet expenses extra or included?

Similar to owning or renting an apartment elsewhere, our residents are required to enter into their own electricity and internet contracts directly with the provider. We have agreements in place with service suppliers to provide the most competitive rates and convenient processes for residents.

Is car parking available?

Yes, all Novus properties have a limited number of car parking spaces available. The car space can be included in the lease at an additional fee on a first come, first served basis.

Is there bicycle parking available?

Yes, all Novus locations have dedicated secure bicycle parking inside the property. These facilities are available for all residents and there is no additional fee.

Is there additional storage space?

Yes, all Novus properties have a limited number of additional storage rooms available. The storage room can be included in the lease at an additional fee on a first come, first served basis.

Are visiting friends and family able to stay in the apartment?

Yes, if they are staying short-term they can stay in the apartment. If they are staying long-term and will be moving-in, there is a requirement to go through the rental approval process. Novus also offer ‘Guest Suites’, so if there is a preference that visiting friends and family stay in the same apartment building but in a different space, they can rent a ‘Guest Suite’ for a nightly charge (based on availability).

Are there furnished apartments?

Most apartments are not furnished. Although, this is dependent on the location and apartment type. Check with the relevant property on the available options. Novus also partners with suppliers to offer competitive prices on furniture packs for unfurnished apartments if required by the resident.

Can Novus assist with removalists?

Yes, we have preferred removalist partners who offer the most competitive rates to our residents. Check with the relevant property when applying for details.


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